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About me

I am a Peruvian trade expert passionate about foreign trade policy and negotiations, with a focus on development, trade in services, and the digital economy. I truly believe that a sustainable and inclusive trade has the power to improve people’s lives, particularly in developing countries. I work and study to help make this belief a reality.

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Professional Experience

With over 5 years of experience across the public sector, private industry, and international organizations, my career has been a diverse journey through the world of trade and development. At the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Trade, I was involved in trade negotiations, focusing on services and electronic commerce. I also coordinated Peruvian’s major trade negotiations with China and India, gaining valuable insights into international affairs and public policies.
In the private sector, my role at Honda Motors in Peru immersed me in logistics and exports. This position allowed me to see the practical side of trade, working closely with trade agents and understanding the ground realities.
My experience in international organizations includes working as a research assistant at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), where I contributed to a project for establishing an Electronic Commerce Observatory in Latin America. I also participated in the UNCTAD-Graduate Institute Project, researching policies for services-led development.
Recently, I interned at the International Trade Center (ITC), focusing on trade facilitation and assistance in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Currently, I'm doing an internship at the World Trade Organization (WTO), where I'm involved in e-commerce negotiations and projects. This varied experience has given me a comprehensive understanding of the global trade landscape, from policy to practice.


I am pursuing a Master's degree in International Studies and Development from the Geneva Graduate Institute and a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration from the National University of San Marcos. In addition, I have a specialization in Public Administration and International Trade Negotiations.

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