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Interview with "Global Trade Observer" about my trade journey and digitalization in developing countries

Post by Global Trade Observer. Interview part of "Fireside Conversation with Women in Trade” Watch the complete video here:

In the second episode of our engaging series, "Fireside Conversation with Women in Trade” we are excited to introduce you to Andrea Bulnes Acevedo, a consultant at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. With a rich background that includes working at the Directorate of International Trade Negotiations of the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, she brings a wealth of experience to our conversation.

In this insightful episode, Andrea takes us on a journey through her illustrious career, offering invaluable insights and advice for the younger generation. Her expertise shines as she explores the transformative power of digitalization in developing countries, unveiling the potential it holds for inclusive growth and economic empowerment.

Furthermore, she discusses one of the most pressing issues in the global landscape—the Russia-Ukraine conflict—and its impact on international trade. Her analysis provides a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise in times of geopolitical tension. She passionately advocates for increased female representation in leadership and entrepreneurship roles, emphasizing the need for women to seize opportunities and break barriers in the evolving trade landscape.

Join us as we immerse ourselves in her profound wisdom and thought-provoking ideas. Together, let's explore the path towards change and resilience in international trade.

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